European Commission

The ULYSSES project is possible thanks to the support of the 2007-2013 Culture programme of the European Commission.

The aim of this multi-annual Programme is to encourage and support cultural cooperation within Europe in order to bring the European common cultural heritage to the fore. The Programme proposes funding opportunities to all cultural sections and all categories of cultural operators contributing to the development of cultural cooperation at European level, with a view to encouraging the emergence of European citizenship.

The programme mainly promotes:

  • trans national mobility of cultural players;
  • trans national circulation of artistic and cultural works and products;
  • intercultural dialogue and exchanges.

The Programme has a flexible, interdisciplinary approach and is focused on the needs expressed by cultural operators during the public consultations leading up to its design.

The ULYSSES project is developed in the context of the Cultural programme strand 1.1, for the support of Multi-annual cooperation projects. 

This category seeks to foster multi-annual, trans-national cultural links by encouraging a minimum of six cultural operators from at least six countries taking part in the Programme to cooperate and work within and across sectors to develop


More information about the Culture Programme 2007-2013 at this address :